Home office: Cazneovia

11029 Quaker Valley Road

Cazenovia, WI  53924


Cell: 608-434-4243


Sitting on the south-facing ridge of the Cazenovia Valley, Firth of Fifth Acres is a working farm managed on the principles of sustainability.  Home to a variety of Heritage livestock the farm holds at its upper-most point an Amish built log cabin that was my home since 2002. 



Named after a book by Paul Fleischman, The Borning Room started as a small room in that 4 room log cabin.  Like the room in the story it is a simple room behind the primary heat source that can shelter laboring Women.  My local community loved the idea of The Borning Room and after four years of searching the solution presented itself as a free about-to-be destroyed home, the supplies to put a split-ranch center under it and a willing workforce.

Floating an unwanted old ranch house over a volunteer built walk-in basement we have completed the merging of old and new.  While the lower section of the building will ultimately house the center,  The Borning Room opened for births in the upper portion of the structure in the summer of 2017.  The lower portion, the actual birthing center has its grand opening May1st, 2020.


The old log cabin seen at the back of the new building has been removed and a driveway leading to the birthing center is nearing completion. 

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