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Homebirth on the road and beyond

Traditional midwifery is historically movement heavy.  While we have turned in our horse and buggy for less elegant vehicles, ours is the work of running from family to family, birth to birth.  While this work may be our calling, the running is both expensive and exhausting.


Most midwives are trying desperately to reduce their carbon footprint, keep prices to the families we serve as low as possible and preserve some level of private time by developing small local areas to work from.  By having local families come to us we shift our time away from pinball like traveling around the countryside to productive work in office during prenatals, saving much needed energy (personal and environmental) for births and emergencies.  Adding small birthing rooms and free-standing clinics further focuses our attention on the work itself.


While years may pass in which a senior midwife works alone, new midwives must be trained and thus students need to be regularly added to every practice.  Assigning only one student to a pre-determined group of clients is not only a more thorough educational experience for the student, it is in keeping with the wishes of the families themselves.  Birth is not a spectator sport afterall




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