Hillpoint Cottage:  Community Care


For years this young Amish community has wanted to develop a small birthing and health center that would serve the needs of it's families....as well as families beyond their community.  Models for such centers exist through America, including the New Eden Care Center in Shipshewana, Indianna.

Since 2015 we have enjoyed the use of this little Amish cottage, named Hillpoint Cottage.  This charming cottage housed state of the art equipment (donated by several local health centers and hospitals) in a low-tech setting designed to provide a comforting health consultation and birthing center.  Solar powered, this quiet rural cottage provided a soothing respite from the day to day drama of life.

As of August of 2019 the family who donated this spot retired and we have moved this little clinic to behind the Hillpoint Country Store at the intersection of Route 154 and 130 in Hillpoint, Wisconsin.

Simple but ample, this little rural meeting spot provides families living in Spring Green, Richland Center and Baraboo with place for appointments about 24 minutes closer than the birthing center in Cazenovia, Wisconsin.


Hillpoint Cottage is open by appointment only.

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