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Cynthia L. Caillagh TM, CPM, LM

Cynthia L Caillagh is owner and senior midwife of Matrifocal Healthcare and Midwifery Services.  


Trained by a community midwife in the rolling hillside outside Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Cynthia attended college at the University of New York at Buffalo, taking an active role in the women's health movement which further shaped her midwifery identity. 


A traditional midwife and master herbalist, Cynthia has attended over 4200 births and served families in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia before moving to Wisconsin in 2001.  She is a Certified Professional Midwife, licensed in Wisconsin and Minnesota.


Cynthia has settled in the beautiful rural countryside of Richland and Sauk counties where she continues to work with families primarily in her central Wisconsin area   and, in consultation, beyond.  As provided for in the Wisconsin Midwifery Practice Guidelines and her extensive experience in the care of women with special needs, she works with families expecting twins, breech presentation and vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) in both home and birthing center settings.  Cynthia works with several physicians in consultation when needed.

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